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Mobility Work Chairs and Specialist Seating

Altonaids Mobility is one of the North Easts leading suppliers of mobility work chairs and specialist seating as well as a wide range of mobility aids to customers in all areas including Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesborough and Darlington. If you want expert advice on mobility work chairs then please pick up the phone, send an email or visit our show room on the Tyne Valley Trading Estate today.

REAL 6100 Plus Power Chair

Having weak legs you need a versatile chair to enable you to be active whilst seated to improve independence at home, work or in school. The REAL 6100 Plus Power Chair gives you freedom of movement and freedom of choice.


Real 9000 Plus and 9100 Plus EL Working Chair

A modern working/special chair must offer supreme functionality, quality, ensure good ergonomics and look modern. The REAL 9000 PLUS does it all. This chair is developed and manufactured in Sweden, and all its components are made using modern machinery. Stringent quality standards guarantees many years of usage.


Real 9200 Bariatric Chair

Being overweight is often problematic in many different ways. One dilemma is that weight is incorrectly distributed - which entails aching joints, knees and back. Finding relief in different ways is of crucial importance. A functional and stable chair provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.


Real Mobil 6100 Power Chair

The Real Mobil 6100 is an electrically powered work chair for indoor use. It is constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school.