• We have adapations that can help make accessing and driving your car easier

Vehicle adaptations - Car hoists and steering wheel aids

Each adaption is carefully designed to help you to use your car, improve your mobility and give you a better quality of life. ALTONAIDS MOBILITY LTD is a motability partner and as such we offer free demonstration to ensure you have the right product for your particular needs.

Lifting and storage of wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs is a problem that you may face on a daily basis however we can help with a range of lifts and hoists that can help you store even larger scooters and wheechairs and vehicle adaptions to assist with mobility.

Steering wheel aids

Designed to aid one handed steering and users with limited arm or shoulder strength in either arm.


Vehicle Boot Hoists

The smart lifter range of boot hoists to lift wheelchairs, scooters and powerchairs up to 200kg.