Mobility Products - Theraplay

Theraplay Imp Tricycle

The Theraplay Imp Tricycle has been designed with younger children in mind, it is suitable for children from 2 1/2 years.

Theraplay Terrier Tricycle

The Theraplay Terrier is a rugged trike for children from 4 1/2 years, this model has 16" wheels and a caliper brake with a parking brake mechanism.

Theraplay TMX Tricycle

The Theraplay TMX Tricycle is a robust tricycle designed to accommodate the larger and heavier child.

Theraplay Tracker T5 and TMX T5

Derived from Theraplay's popular range of foot-propelled tricycles, the T5 Tricycle is designed for the more adventurous cyclist.

Theraplay Tracker Tricycle

The largest model in the Theraplay Tricycle range is available in two sizes, the Theraplay Tracker 20" is designed for teenagers and the Theraplay Tracker 24" for teenagers and adults.