Mobility Products - Ottobock

A200 Power Wheelchair

Whether visiting friends, going away on a trip, or comfortably dining at a restaurant: The Power Wheelchair A200 makes you independent. The A200 can be taken apart in just a few steps so that it even fits into the trunk of a Smart Car.

Avantgarde CLT

Demonstrating individuality has never been easier: At just 9,200 grams, the CLT is the lightweight of the new Avantgarde series.

Avantgarde CS

The new Avantgarde CS is ideal for anyone eager to navigate life with zest. With its outstanding agility and manoeuvrability our folding active wheelchair puts in a convincing performance in even the tightest space.

Avantgarde CV

Every day serves up fresh challenges. With the new Avantgarde CV, you can look forward to them - because you receive precisely the support you desire with sporty performance, ergonomic handling and outstanding functionality.

B400 Power Wheelchair

The B400 is the perfect everyday companion. It is particularly manoeuvrable and compact. Now the design has been enhanced and new features offer even more functionality.

Juvo power wheelchair

The Juvo power wheelchair allows a large amount of flexibility allowing for complex requirements

Robby Bather

Use less water. Take it anywhere. Simply practical! Thanks to its low product height, the Robby requires very little water in the bathtub.