Mobility Products - Gerald Simonds

Stimulite Classic Cushion

Designed for people who are at high risk of skin breakdown, the Stimulite Classic cushion provides excellent pressure relief, unsurpassed comfort and exceptional stability.

Stimulite Classic XS Cushion

Created for people with sensitive skin, the StimuLite Classic XS cushion features a soft top layer of specially engineered Stimulite honeycomb fused to two bottom layers.

Stimulite Contoured Cushion

For people who require a higher level of pressure management. A rear dish - featuring a softer honeycomb that contains the ischials and cocyx, provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability

TiLite TR3 Wheelchair

The TR3 is the top model of the TiLite wheelchair range as it is lighter, more efficient and looks great!

TiLite ZR Series 2 Sports Wheel Chair

A development on the classic ZR with new sport and performance options

TiLite ZRA Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

The TiLite ZRA has a full adjustable and minimalist mono-tube titanium frame which makes it the complete package! Strength, style and the ability to set up your chair the way you want it.