Stimulite Classic Cushion

A soft, flexible form of aerospace honeycomb that has 'memory', Stimulite is lightweight and distributes weight uniformly across it's surface. Its cellular matrix consists of alternating thick and thin walled cells that flex when compressed to relieve pressure.

Designed for people who are at high risk of skin breakdown, the Stimulite Classic cushion provides excellent pressure relief, unsurpassed comfort and exceptional stability. Weighing only 3lb (1.4kg), three layers of Stimulite honeycomb - each a different firmness - enable bony protuberances to sink freely into the 2.75" (7cm) thick, ventilated cushion while supporting the surrounding anatomy. Firmer honeycomb functions as internal side bolsters for greater lateral support.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, flexible honeycomb structure
  • Cushion machine washable
  • Naturally antibacterial, antifungal and allergen free
  • Durable and cost effective in use

Product Downloads

Stimulite Clinical Evaluation