Real Mobil 6100 Power Chair

When your legs are weak you need a chair both to sit in and to move around in. This places stringent demands on function and quality. The chair must be comfortable, provide an ergonomically correct sitting position and get to where you want.

The Real Mobil 6100 is an electrically powered work chair for indoor use. It is constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school. The chair will enable you to move around easily in cramped spaces. The range of electric height regulation is an impressive 28 cm. This facilitates a correct sitting position both at your desk and at high work surfaces. The centre-wheel drive means that the chair can turn on its own axis. Individual wheel suspension means that the Real 6100 Power Chair can cope with obstacles of up to 40 mm. It can be taken apart in one simple operation for transportation in a car boot.

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Product Downloads

Real Mobil 6100 Power Chair Brochure
Real Mobil 6100 Power Chair Manual