Real 9200 Bariatric Chair

Being overweight is often problematic in many different ways. One dilemma is that weight is incorrectly distributed - which entails aching joints, knees and back. Finding relief in different ways is of crucial importance. A functional and stable chair like the Real 9200 Bariatric Chair, provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.

To be able to sit well in a chair, while at the same time being able to move oneself both vertically and horizontally means that more independence is possible in one’s daily life, resulting in an increased quality of life. But the demands on functionality and quality are high. The chair must be stable and still comfortable. Easy rolling wheels for easy movement, and proper brakes when one rises. At the same time, the chair’s functions should be easy to adjust. In short - the chair must function in every situation and this is how the Real 9200 Bariatric Chair has been designed.

With different stuffed seats, double back mechanisms and lifting columns, an extra reinforced frame as well as different wheels and accessories; it is simple to combine a stable and functional chair. Gas-spring or electric height adjustment simplify setting the correct working position both at tables and kitchen counters.

Product Downloads

Real 9200 Bariatric Chair Brochure
Real 9200 Bariatric Chair Manual