REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Childrens Working Chair

Many children with functional disabilities can sit comfortably at a table without extensive support, but they do need a chair with special features. Among others, it must be possible to tilt the seat easily, while at the same time providing stable support for the back and feet. REAL 9300/9400 EL PLUS for children, is the module chair where needs dictate design.

A real 9300/9400 EL with plus-base enables children with functional disabilities to sit actively at a desk or a table. The height of the seat can easily be adjusted for various table heights, and the brake is operated either by hand or foot. This means that the chair remains securely in the place you want it to be but can easily be moved if required. The chair must also be easy to adapt for the user, which is why it has a modular structure. It can be augmented as the child grows.

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REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Product Brochure
REAL 9300 - 9400 EL PLUS Manual