Quickie Jive Power Chair

The first time you experience a Quickie Jive Power Chair, it all becomes clear. It is a powerchair that effortlessly blends indoor agility with outdoor high performance. Fully customisable and available in a choice of front, rear and mid wheel drive bases, you’re sure to find the perfect Quickie Jive Power Chair to meet your needs.

With an ultra-small turning circle, excellent indoor and outdoor handling and superb suspension through SpiderTracTM, the mid-wheel drive option is ideal for those who want a great all-round powerchair.

With the Quickie Jive Power Chair control is all about simplicity. From the slimline, accessible design of the joystick, to adjusting the seating position or speed, easy control is at your fingertips.

You can further customise your Quickie Jive by expanding the control system with R-net. Not only can you control your powered seating, you can also enjoy the increased power and performance this delivers on uneven terrain and when climbing kerbs. Plus you can personalise your Quickie Jive Power Chair to suit you by assigning commonly used commands and settings to a single button.

For conversations on the move, keep tweets and status updates flowing by using the Jive’s Bluetooth option to control your smartphone or tablet.

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