Quickie Hula Power Chair

The Quickie Hula‘s true mid-wheel drive position means it can literally turn on the spot for great
indoor manoeuvrability.

A narrow width of just 63cm (25“) enables easy access through doors and confined spaces.

A very low seat height provides easy transfers and access under tables. Seat height is adjustable between 45cm - 47cm (17 - 19") via the seat post and seat angle.

The advantages of the Quickie Hula's true mid wheel drive can be seen outdoors too, the central drive wheel increases traction and stability, and reduces sliding.

The Quickie Hula's unique suspension system means it can climb 5cm (2“) thresholds and tackle slopes of up to 6° - ideal for use in the garden or for short trips out of the home.

Crash tested and approved to ISO 7176-19 to give you peace of mind that you're using a safe chair.

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