Brecon Riser Recliner Chair

The backrest and footrest of the Brecon Riser Recliner Chair can be controlled completely independently from each other so you can raise the footrest to your most comfortable position and then recline the backrest, again to a position most comfortable for you.

The dual motor chair will also recline right back for a comfortable sleeping position. The Brecon Riser Recliner Chair scroll arms and full chaise footrest are complemented with a three pillow waterfall back. Each luxurious fibre filled cushion is adjustable vertically to give added comfort options

The Brecon Riser Recliner Chair will rise fully to the stand position and you can stop your chair from moving at any point allowing you to step away from the chair with ease.

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Key Features

  • Push Button Controls
  • 24 Volt transformers with Emergency Recovery
  • High resilient seat foam for comfort and long life
  • Made using Chenille fabrics to a General Domestic standard and Fire Retardancy.