Alber e-fix Power Wheelchair

With e-fix power wheelchair, the electrical add-on drive for your wheelchair, you can cover longer distances quickly and easily. The conversion is so easy, just swap the drive wheels and install the battery pack and control unit - all done. The motors are neatly concealed within the wheel hubs.

Almost all current types of wheelchair can be retrofitted with e-fix in this way. This means that you can continue to use a wheelchair that has been optimally adjusted to suit you.

It is so easy to control your wheelchair with e-fix you can get used to it almost at once. Buttons that are clearly arranged and easy to reach on the control unit ensure the easiest possible handling. You always have all the important information clearly in view on the easily legible display. The backlit display can be read easily, even in the dark. The small control unit ensures more comfort when driving. The speed can be varied continuously through a controller that is easy to grip. The lower the speed selected, the more agile the driving behaviour. You steer and the e-fix power wheelchair thinks for you!

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Alber e-fix Power Wheelchair Brochure
Alber e-fix Power Wheelchair Manual