Real 9000 Plus and 9100 Plus EL Working Chair

A modern working/special chair must offer supreme functionality, quality, ensure good ergonomics and look modern. The REAL 9000 PLUS does it all. This chair is developed and manufactured in Sweden, and all its components are made using modern machinery. Stringent quality standards guarantees many years of usage.

The real 9000 plus  helps users to be more independent by enabling them to perform tasks without assistance either at home or in a working environment. You can use either your arms or your legs to move the chair around. It’s easy to adjust the seat height electrically or manually and thereby ensuring an ergonomically correct position at the work surface. A large range of seats, back rests, castors, lifts and accessories makes it easy to create a functional yet comfortable chair.

Product Downloads

Real 9000 Range Product Brochure
Real 9000 Range Product Manual
Real 9000 Range Accessories
Real 9000 Range Seat System Brochure