Wheelchairs available through Altonaids NorthEast mobility equipment suppliers

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Avantgarde CLT

Demonstrating individuality has never been easier: At just 9,200 grams, the CLT is the lightweight of the new Avantgarde series.

Avantgarde CS

The new Avantgarde CS is ideal for anyone eager to navigate life with zest. With its outstanding agility and manoeuvrability our folding active wheelchair puts in a convincing performance in even the tightest space.

Avantgarde CV

Every day serves up fresh challenges. With the new Avantgarde CV, you can look forward to them - because you receive precisely the support you desire with sporty performance, ergonomic handling and outstanding functionality.

Kuschall Champion Wheelchairs

For the sports enthusiast on the move the Kuschall champion range of wheelchairs must be considered. In 1986 Kuschall invented the first foldable wheelchair with the performance and design of a rigid wheelchair.

Kuschall K Series Wheelchairs

The K Series wheelchairs come in a choice of three exceptional materials: Aluminium, Titanium and Carbon, each with its own attributes and benefits.

Quickie Helium Wheelchair

Bespoke mouldings, a choice of 32 colours and a variety of trim levels and design options will help your Helium reflect your pure individuality.

Quickie Life Wheelchair

The Quickie Life combines a quality, lightweight build with a stylish design. Fully adjustable, the Quickie Life can be configured to suit you and your lifestyle.

Quickie Xenon 2 Wheelchair

The lightest folding wheelchair in the world. At just 8.8kg and with an innovative cross brace, the Xenon 2 is easy to fold, lift and transport.

TiLite TR3 Wheelchair

The TR3 is the top model of the TiLite wheelchair range as it is lighter, more efficient and looks great!

TiLite ZR Series 2 Sports Wheel Chair

A development on the classic ZR with new sport and performance options

TiLite ZRA Lightweight Rigid Wheelchair

The TiLite ZRA has a full adjustable and minimalist mono-tube titanium frame which makes it the complete package! Strength, style and the ability to set up your chair the way you want it.

Zippie Youngster 3 Wheelchair

Designed for the unique needs of kids, the Youngster 3 provides excellent maneuverability, good front stability and an exceptionally unique look.