Mobility Scooters available through Altonaids NorthEast mobility equipment suppliers

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Maxi XL Mobility Scooter

Robust enough to tackle the most challenging of environments, your rest assured the MaxiXL can take you where you want to go in comfort and style.

Rascal Pioneer Mobility Scooter

Rascal Pioneer Mobility Scooter are powerful, durable, road-capable scooters for comfort during outdoor use, to provide you with freedom and independence.

Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter

The Rascal Vision Mobility Scooter offers a world of difference. More than you might expect from a Class 3 scooter, but everything you need to set the pace making life easier with just the right touch of style.

Trophy 20 Mobility Scooter

The Trophy 20 Mobility Scooter defines a completely new category of electric scooters: the 'compact comfort scooter', designed for high performance medium distance use.